Online Challenge

  • strengthen your back muscles
  • improve your posture
  • learn new 85 exercises at home
— designed by 2x time Olympic Games participant

Who is this for? Anyone who’s…

Sit a lot in front of a computer
For office workers who feel back pain in the lower back and spine
Do not exercise regularly
You prefer home workouts and have no time to visit the gym or sport classes
Feel morning lower back discomfort
Having trouble sleeping and feel lack of energy in the mornings
Would like to improve posture
Feel that you slouching too much and would like to fix bad posture

What to expect after completing the challenge

A stronger lower back
You will strengthen your lower back muscles, which will relieve you of discomfort in your lower back.
A perfect posture
Improve your posture, stop slouching and keep your back straight
Replenished energy
You’ll improve your emotional state, increase the general tone of the body, and recharge your batteries.
A stronger ABS and core muscles
Take the first step towards a six-pack, strengthen your and ABS muscles and the whole core

*Actual results may vary
Program Details
Format: Online
Length: 3 Weeks
Days per Week: 7
Avg. Duration: 35 Minutes (30-40)
Difficulty: Light-Medium
Focus: Total Body and Core Muscles
Equipment: Towel
Training Type: Interval Training (30 sec work / 30 sec rest)
Get daily training plans with detailed video instructions
Work out at any time convenient for you.
This is how it works
You get daily workout plans with video instructions and descriptions (85 exercises and 21 sessions)

No specific equipment or gym is required. Work out at any time convenient for you. You need only 30-40 minutes daily

We will keep an eye on your progress and give advice on your technique. So you complete the exercises, and we give feedback

Start Training Right Now

Join the Full 21-day Challenge or try first 3 days with Trial
Trial Period
Join the Challenge for 3 days

Duration: 3 days;

No. of workouts: 3

24 unique exercises

✅Group chat with fellow athletes

❌No Supervised training

❌No Coach feedback in the chat

❌Limited duration

❌No Healthy Nutrition Tips

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About the creator

Oleksiy Torokhtiy is a two-time Olympic Games participant. A professional athlete in the past, Oleksiy has a PhD in Sports Science. Today, he is a strength and conditioning coach who has authored two books, 20+ training courses and hosted 180+ weightlifting seminars around the world.
435.000 Subscribers
121.000 Subscribers
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I’m not sure I will be able to complete the challenge
Stop hesitating and start acting! The program consists of simple exercises suitable for enthusiasts of all fitness levels (from beginner to advanced).
How does it all work?
We prefer messengers to mail: they’re faster and more convenient when it comes to providing feedback. All communication takes place in Telegram Messenger, including a private group chat of like-minded people. Telegram is a messenger that is well-protected from hacker attacks, the messages are encrypted. Telegram is also in the TOP-5 of the most popular instant messengers in the world.
How is the training process organized?
For 21 days, you receive, via a private Telegram message, a detailed daily workout plan with clear video instructions and explanations. You are free to schedule your workouts as you see fit.
Why the group chat?
This is where participants can support each other. You’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded athletes inspired by a common goal. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to see dozens of messages and workout videos from your training partners — and not miss anything!
What if I have acute back pain?
Please note: If you are experiencing acute back pains, consult your doctor! The Challenge is not designed to relieve athletes of acute pain, nor to cure chronic diseases. In this case, you need certified medical care.
What is the minimum required equipment needed?
Only you and a towel. Why Towel? Because everyone has one :) You’ll need a towel to engage more muscle groups for a more productive workout. It is also a good solution if you are tired of bodyweight exercises. If you are more experienced athlete you can try format with the barbell.
I know that nutrition is as important as physical training. Will I receive any info on nutrition?
At the core of the course are physical exercises, but you will also be advised on proper (health and balanced) nutrition.
What if I don't like the program?
14-day money-back guarantee! If the program doesn't work for you, you can exit it any time. Contact us and we’ll figure out the details.
What should I expect from the program?
  • Strengthened abdominal (ABS) muscles, obliques, and back extensors;
  • improved emotional well-being;
  • a toned body;
  • recharged mental batteries;
  • a new habit to exercise regularly.
Plus, after completing the Challenge, you can take up any other workout type (fitness, running, gym, pilates) and continue exercising.

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