Welcome to our Privacy Policy page. We do care about your confidentiality and provide our privacy policy in terms of the state law.
Who Are We
You are visiting the website that belongs to TORWOD LLC further called as We/Us/Our site or Service.
Main Types of Information that We Collect
There are three basic types of data that are collected by our means.
  • Info that you give us personally. That is data that you list when applying to our website.
  • Automatically gathered data concerning your behavior on the website, your IP address and all the data gathered with the help of cookies.
  • Information gathered by other sources. E.g. we use Google Analytics services to collect information about website traffic, we use Facebook redirecting login tools to make it easy for you to get to your profile on the website.
What Information Do We Collect from Users
When you are visiting our website, please be aware of what information we collect from our users.
  • Your profile data that includes login data, personal information you list in your profile if you wish. We do not collect your password info.
  • Your viewed products and programs. We do this to allow you seeing your recently viewed products.
  • Your location means we track your IP address, geographic location and browser type to calculate shipping and taxes for your purchases.
  • Shipping address to make delivery of our goods & services available for you.
  • Payment information. To provide secure payments, we collect your personal information that includes shipping address, contact phone numbers, billing data and your bank card data needed for providing a transaction on the website.
  • Your cart's consistency, if you haven't provided all needed processes for a successful purchase of our goods, remindes saved for 30 days to allow you continue shopping if you need to use another device or hold over your purchase for some time.

Why Do We Need All Your Personal Data to Be Input?
When we ask you to fill in all needed information including your first name, e-mail, phone number and data that is needed for a chosen payment method, we need this to provide the following:
  • Providing feedback for your requests and complaints.
  • Providing secure payments on our website to protect you from scammers.
  • Listing you via email with our special offers and discounts (if you allow us to do that).
  • Improving our website's work.
Using Cookies
We use cookies and other tools of user's identification on our website. Cookies are provided to make your surfing on more comfortable. With cookies, we are eager:
  • To conduct your personal interests on our website to aware you of new products or propositions.
  • To level-up our security to safeguard you and your data from scammers.
  • To improve our services according to reports created by cookies.
On our website, you are allowed to choose if you need to save your personal data (name, e-mail) in cookies to make commenting easier as all that data will be already pulled to every new log-in.
We also set special cookies for our logged users to determine if their browser allows using cookies.
We do not use or gather any personal data in our cookies.
Other Websites' Content
We have some issues of embedded content that is the property of third-party websites. When you click on these issues of content, be aware that all terms and conditions of their use are similar to the third-party website terms and conditions. They may differ from the privacy policy provided
How Do We Protect Your Data?
We do care about your personal information and want it to be secured at the highest level. Thus, we user double-staged encryption with the HTTPS protocol that ensures the security of personal data including providing safe payments via the website.
When you are logged in, no third parties can get your profile's personal information from our website. Besides, no private info about your bank card's expiration terms and CVV are stored on our website. Cookies that fix that data expire momentarily after the payment has proceeded.
What Third Parties We Receive Data From
As we do not use third-party websites to provide your log-in, we do not get any personal information from them. And vice versa, we do not allow third-party websites getting any private data from except email sending, getting business-relevant info used for Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica reports. We use Zapier tools to provide synchronization of data on our source. And we do use Mailchimp to provide our customers with actual info via email.
We are glad to provide you with high-quality service and to create a safe and secure place for you to enjoy shopping and getting useful information
Have Any Questions About Our Privacy Policy?
Please, contact our team via e-mail

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